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DJ Relax was born in Germany. Even as a child he discovered his love for music and was active in various musical projects. He has always been a musical man and his connection to music has been continuously strengthened.

In 2002, DJ Relax was provided with his first two turntables and a simple mixer. It has always been clear that his first steps as a DJ would be proven on vinyl base.

Once attaining the right equipment, the first records would soon follow. In this initial period, DJ Relax devoted more to the Techno & Trance genre; therefore, to the first singles came from that direction. After attaining an equipment deal, his music and style began to progress.

First music requests came from friends and family. Then DJ Relax's first performances came along, and he could broaden his base. From there, requests from bars and discos followed.

Of course, one should not forget the original compositions. DJ Relax has always been interested in composing and producing his own electronic music, thus, the first title came to being under the current pseudonym: DJ Relax!

“Play your own sound and style and do it for the love of music.”

― DJ Relax